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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Whatever Wednesday no.2

I know I said I was going to do this every week then missed one! I have no idea where last Wednesday went mind you lol.

Anyway the topic of today is.........

"Moo Cow"

Yes I have been at it again and made another little felt mascot friend for Bat HERE.

 This time I took a photo of all of the pieces before I hand stitched little Moo Cow together.

And here is he in my hand (to give you a sense of size) all finished.

I must say his tail was the fiddliest because there is a tiny amount of toy stuffing in the tip. Oh and cutting out his tiny eyes and nostrils!

I have started a reindeer which will hopefully be finished in time for Christmas!

I love making these mascots! Even though to some it might not seem as 'proper' crafting/ creating because I am not actually designing these mascots myself  like you would a card or scrap page but I still have to cut out the templates, then cut out the felt pieces then figure out how on earth the sew them together because the instructions are in Japanese (because only the best felt mascots books are in Japanese you know lol! I have only found two decent ones in English so far!!)

Anyway it keeps me amused and quiet according to the BF apart from when an eye falls off!!.

So feel free to join in with your Whatever Wednesday offerings. I know some have also said they feel the pressure to blog all of the time!

Happy Crafting or whatever lol!

Rachael xxx


  1. Awwwww, cows have to be one of my most favourites animals. I know, not the usual furry cuddly animal but I love them. This is so cut Rachael. Do you mind if I ask where you buy your felt from? Im finding it hard to find near me and when I do its very expensive. Do you buy it online? Lee x

  2. Oh gosh this is so sweet!!!!



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