Hi all! For some reason Blogger won't let me comment if the comment box is embedded into your posts so please dont think I am being rude - I honestly cant comment on your wonderful creations which is soo frustrating! I can only comment if the comment box opens a new window. Hopefully all will be fixed soon! Rach :) x

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Its a late one ... WOYWW

Hello blogland!

Its a bit of a late post today. I am blaming the fact that I have started Uni again this week not that I am unorganised lol. Ive also been trying to sort through 2500 Malawi photos as I need to get my scrapbook started and I'm not even 1/4 of the way through!

Anyway as per usual on a Wednesday over at Julia's it WOYWW. So here is my pretty messy tinny little desk:

Iv been using the Flirty Anya stamp that I received from my little sister three weeks ago for my birthday. Ive done my first paper piecing project on her dress, flower and those tiny quite fiddly shoes but I think she looks quite good. I now just need to stick on her my base.

Sorry I didn't get round to everyone last week. I must try harder although can foretell Uni will get in the way!

Well thanks for looking and hope you all have a good day :)

Rachael xx

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

WOYWW? And so it begins ....

Well folks its that time of week again (this one must have clearly been stolen from me because I have no clue where it has gone!!) to post up what we have been doing and share what state our work desks are in aka WOYWW.

So here is mine:

I succumbed to starting my Christmas cards and bought this fantastic digi set of 12 penguins from Pink Petticoat and have coloured them up with my PMS. I also bought the Mini Snowflake digi paper set from them which is unbelievably good value for money. For only 1.99 you get 43 different colour ways both positive and negative! Iv had to steal an external hard drive from the BF to store all the files because there are so many! Well worth a look guys!

I decided to use one of the penguins and matched the backing papers to her scarf. I'm quite pleased with her and cant wait to use some more of the brilliant Pink Petticoat papers and the rest of my penguins!

Apart from that not much crafting going on down this end as preparations to go back to uni next week have taken hold- humph.

Well I hope everyone is well in blogland!

Rachael xx

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Im baaaaaaack!!

Hello wonderful blogland how I have missed you!!!

I did have an amazing time in Malawi though and could talk forever about the project, the people and their culture and just the experience as a whole. And let me tell you all those nasty injections and concoctions were definitely worth enduring due to the fabulous memories that have been created over the last month!

Maybe I'll post up a few photos if I get a chance and considering there are  about 4000 ( a lot of scrapping lol) it might take a while to find some extra special ones to post up but watch this space anyhow.

So my first WOYWW since returning home! I landed in Heathrow last Wednesday so I don't think that technically counts! And what did I find after the long trek on the train and the drive home when I walked into the house? My craft stuff had been moved! Now on a normal occasion I would probably go bananas at the thought of the BF moving things around especially with me being so far away but on closer inspection I was thoroughly pleased and grateful for what he had done.

My craft area went from this :

To this:

While I was away he bought small bookcases, removed the shelves and fitted runners so I could slide my large boxes in and out. This means that everything (for now) has its own home and doesn't have to live on the floor! Everything is so much easier to access and there isn't any more rummaging to find something because I can see it all! Apparently it took the BF and his sister three days (!) to move everything from one side of the room to the other and organise it and what a good job at organising they did! When I first saw it apart from being overwhelmed by how much stuff I actually have I thought that it was going to take me days to sort it all out again but they did such a good job I'm leaving it the way it is! Can you tell I'm pleased lol?!

So that's my new crafting space! And I wanted to share it with all my fellow crafters. I also thought Id show you the new crafting goodies I got for my birthday last week, which was spent on an awful plane coming home but never mind.

My FIRST Martha Stewart punch, some oval nesties, 4 new TGF stamps and two crafty books! I'm so pleased and consider myself to be quite a lucky duck at the moment!

So apologies for the extremely long post but not being able to blog for a month while in Malawi nearly killed me!

Thanks for looking (and reading so much!) and I hope you all have a good day

Rach xx