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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Im baaaaaaack!!

Hello wonderful blogland how I have missed you!!!

I did have an amazing time in Malawi though and could talk forever about the project, the people and their culture and just the experience as a whole. And let me tell you all those nasty injections and concoctions were definitely worth enduring due to the fabulous memories that have been created over the last month!

Maybe I'll post up a few photos if I get a chance and considering there are  about 4000 ( a lot of scrapping lol) it might take a while to find some extra special ones to post up but watch this space anyhow.

So my first WOYWW since returning home! I landed in Heathrow last Wednesday so I don't think that technically counts! And what did I find after the long trek on the train and the drive home when I walked into the house? My craft stuff had been moved! Now on a normal occasion I would probably go bananas at the thought of the BF moving things around especially with me being so far away but on closer inspection I was thoroughly pleased and grateful for what he had done.

My craft area went from this :

To this:

While I was away he bought small bookcases, removed the shelves and fitted runners so I could slide my large boxes in and out. This means that everything (for now) has its own home and doesn't have to live on the floor! Everything is so much easier to access and there isn't any more rummaging to find something because I can see it all! Apparently it took the BF and his sister three days (!) to move everything from one side of the room to the other and organise it and what a good job at organising they did! When I first saw it apart from being overwhelmed by how much stuff I actually have I thought that it was going to take me days to sort it all out again but they did such a good job I'm leaving it the way it is! Can you tell I'm pleased lol?!

So that's my new crafting space! And I wanted to share it with all my fellow crafters. I also thought Id show you the new crafting goodies I got for my birthday last week, which was spent on an awful plane coming home but never mind.

My FIRST Martha Stewart punch, some oval nesties, 4 new TGF stamps and two crafty books! I'm so pleased and consider myself to be quite a lucky duck at the moment!

So apologies for the extremely long post but not being able to blog for a month while in Malawi nearly killed me!

Thanks for looking (and reading so much!) and I hope you all have a good day

Rach xx


  1. Lots of lovely stuff there. Good ol' BF :-)
    Anne xx

  2. Hello there, what stars your BF and his sister are, lucky you, it all looks fab now! Happy Birthday for last week, Thank you for sharing:0) xx

  3. Hiya Rach

    gorgeous workspace and super loverly boyfriend :O) think I would have the same reaction arrrgh but they do help us really lol enjoy your new goodies


  4. Hi ya Rach
    lovely crafty space, what a lovely thing to do for you while you were away, look forward to seeing some pics, nice new stash,have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x

  5. Lucky you - a trip of a lifetime and a crafty makeover that you didn't have to do!

  6. Wow what a lovely thing to come back to - he sounds brilliant. x

  7. welcome back, i have just started my promarker collection, fab workspace,Happy WOYWW! Thank you for sharing your workspace (Linky number 19)

  8. hahaha I keep leaving comments about Wanting an MS punch but not wanting to take out a mortgage to get one!!!


  9. Welcome home, Rach. I can tell you are pleased as punch and your boyfriend is one special guy to do that for you. And enlisting his sister scores even more points! Happy belated birthday and Happy WOYWW. I am the proud owner of two MS punches I got recently. They are the BEST punches around. I've always hated punches, but these are worth the money.

  10. Lovely new stash and a BF who cares enough to sort your craft space - lucky lady. Seriously though enjoy them all

  11. What an amazing post Rachael! Your month away sounds incredible and you have a keeper on your hands there with your BF! They did a great job with your stash. Happy belated birthday and you've a right to be a happy duck right now. Enjoy the new goodies and the new space.

    Brenda (93)

  12. What a lucky girl you are a fab time in Malawi and a fab BF who encourages you to craft!


  13. I like your new crafting space. Enjoy your new supplies!

  14. How lovely to have such a helpful boyfriend. I spy a little IKEA table like I have in my room. I use it for my laptop, as my photo studio and as my spraying station, (with the aid of a cardboard box).

  15. That is amazing and so thoughtful to do that for you. Hang on to him!!! You could hire him out!
    JoZarty x

  16. What a nice surprise! Your BF seems to love you! And believe, this won't be your last Martha punch... - Carola, 112

  17. My boyfriend recently sorted out my craft space for me too - they have their uses don't they?!


  18. What a fabulous sight (and site!) to come home to. Your bf totally rocks! Thanks for making me totally jealous!

  19. Happy returns Rach - on a plane from fun, but OMGee, think of the contribution you made. And how utterly wonderful of your BF to recognise your crafty love and do something for you as a surprise. Be still my heart.


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