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Monday, 16 July 2012

Graduation - no card just photos :)

Thought I'd drop in to show you some photos of my Graduation Ball and Graduation Ceremony cos I'm just soooo pleased lol.

So first up is Graduation Ball.....
I scrub up pretty well lol. After weeks of shopping and trailing around the North East I eventually had to order this dress off the Internet which I saw in February lol. Major stress that it wasn't going to come!!

Our group.

The whole year.
I graduated on Friday woop! Here is a photo of Gran and I. She cried like four times bless her!

This is me on the way back to my seat after I had picked up my scroll. The cheesy grin is because I didn't fall over ha ha! Major stress about that!

Me and the sister being sooooo mature! You wouldn't think I was a teacher and she a teaching assistant ha ha ha!!

Slightly tired after all the excitement lol. Tom Tom and I.

 And a little bit more awake during our celebration meal on Friday night. I have 25 photos and the two of us and this is the only decent one lol.

So there you have it! More crafty posts soon I promise! Especially as there are only 4 more days of school wooop! lol.

Hope you're all well! I need to do some serious blog commenting!

Oh and my candy HERE ends on Wednesday - up for grabs is a Ribbon Girl voucher and Saturated Canary voucher :)

Rachael xx


  1. Gorgeous Rachael, they're absolutely beautiful photos, you look lovely! Haha I had the same fear at my graduation last year, was terrified I was going to fall on my face in front of everyone :P Congratulations again Teacher :)

    Tags xx

  2. You look beautiful Rachael! Congrats at your graduation!
    Pearl x


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