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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Whats On Your Workdesk? Wednesday

Hi all its that time again to load up photos of the tiny desk.

This week its not so bad at least you can see the actual desk unlike last week!

Ive been playing with my new Wild Rose Studio Milton stamp and this is what was left from the playing session. (He's been moved to the dining table to dry hence why he's not in the photo.)
Ill load him up once he can stand without his flower falling off!

Considering its half term I haven't had much time to craft :( hopefully tomorrow Ill find time in between retyping my maths assignment that the stupid Uni computer deleted on Monday when I tried to put it on my USB stick grrrr.

Anyway hope everyone is well and Ill try and get round to everyone sooner this week as I have no cupcakes to stand in my way! (They went down a storm btw and the dodgy trefoils weren't even questioned!!)

Have a good day :)

Rachael xx


  1. Oh wow this is lovely little desk.
    Happy crafting.

  2. Loving that red and spotty pile of papers - great colours. Hope you get some crafting time...
    sasa 28

  3. Your desk is really tidy!
    I'm sorry about your prob re the USB stick... don't you just love technology?

    Chrissie #9

  4. Stamp looks like fun. Thanks for letting us take a peek. S #84

  5. I hope you're doing well in school. Thanks for sharing your desk!

    Terry #4

  6. Tidy desk but busy! Having the same half term trouble x

  7. Didn't think the trefoils would be a prob!!
    Ah Milton, he's a popular type, shall look forward to seeing what you did to him. So to speak!

  8. Goodluck with your paper! I hate it when computers eat something you've been working on! Can't wait to see how you put all the bits and pieces together :)

    Katie (94)

  9. Nice and tidy (in a way)and some interesting stuff on your desk. Hope you enjoy your half term and have got your math assignment in so you have some free time. #46

  10. Now Rachael, your desk looks more like mine ‘after’ I’ve tided it up not just after I’ve finished crafting.
    You’re too tidy girl!


  11. What a pain that you're having to re-do your work again. That's time wasted that could be used for something else, silly computer! Love the "aftermath" almost looks like some one cut themselves!

    Brenda 89

  12. hmm, cupcakes...maths....crafting. Yup it's gotta start with a 'C' for me. caroline #14

  13. Very tidy workspace, I hope you've found time to mess it up by the time you are reading this.


  14. Hope you have been able to rescue your Maths paper - nothing worse than losing all your work in a flash - been there, done it, wear the scars! Your desk looks nicely tidy but in a creative state. Elizabeth #51


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